December 2011

Construction of County Waste Management Centre Kastijun, County of Istria, Republic of Croatia

Helector S.A. in consortium with a Croatian construction company GP KRK D.D. has undertaken the design and construction of the County Waste Management (CWMC) Centre at the location Kastijun in Pula, in the County of Istria, in Croatia, beside the existing landfill of the City of Pula. The Contract price is 29.200.000€.
The project CWMC “Kastijun” consists of several functionally and technologically interconnected structures with all necessary facilities and infrastructure and it is divided into the following technical-technological units:
  • Entry-exit zone with all supporting structures;
  • Waste processing plant (MBT) with an annual capacity of 90.000 t of unsorted municipal solid waste with de-dusting system and bio-filter;
  • Temporary storage zone;
  • Landfill zone;
  • Biogas collecting and processing zone;
  • Wastewater collecting and processing zone.