December 2011

Construction of County Waste Management Centre Mariscina, Primorsko-Goranska County, Republic of Croatia

Helector S.A. in consortium with a Croatian construction company GP KRK D.D. has undertaken the design and construction of the County Waste Management (CWMC) Centre at the location "Mariscina" in Primorsko-Goranska County, in Croatia. The Contract price is 29.855.000€.
CWMC “Mariscina” covers the area of approx. 41.3 ha and shall accept municipal waste, non-hazardous industrial waste and recyclable waste material. The project is divided into the following technical-technological units:
  • Entry-exit zone
  • Waste treatment plant
  • Servicing centre
  • Zone for provisional storage of waste
  • Zone for collection and treatment of wastewater
  • Zone for collection and treatment of biogas
  • Zone for waste disposal