June 2016

Second Integrated Waste Management Unit in Greece Unveiled in Crete

HELECTOR, in partnership with Norwegian company TOMRA, organised an international conference entitled “Creating Value from Waste” in Chania, Crete, on 16 & 17 June 2016. The event coincided with the completion of the Waste Management Authority of Chania (DEDISA) waste sorting plant refurbishment and its subsequent operation. The conference aimed at showcasing the best practices and technological advancements in the field of mechanical and biological waste management for integrated facilities, in tune with the European Directives.

The DEDISA waste sorting plant was used as a case study during the conference. The project was selected as it contributes to the integrated operation of the Chania Waste Management Unit (MEA), which is the second integrated waste management facility in Greece, following the one in Attica. Note that HELECTOR undertook to design and construct the project in record time, within a year, while the existing facility was still in operation.

This project is considered a landmark nationwide and constitutes the precursor of the first PPP project to take place in Greece (Western Macedonia PPP), using extremely advanced automated technologies for waste sorting and recovery of useful recyclables, both from green and from blue garbage disposal bins.

The upgrading of the DEDISA facilities is expected to boost productivity by approximately 30%, which would amount to about 90,000 tonnes of commingled waste and 15,000 tonnes of sorted at the source waste annually.