July 2017

HELECTOR launches the 1st PPP Integrated Waste Management System Project in Western Macedonia

The first Integrated Waste Management Project in Greece

The 1st PPPE Waste Management Project in Greece was launched on the 5th of July 2017 in Kozani. The opening ceremony was attended by Mr Stathakis, Minister for the Environment and Energy – who inaugurated the waste treatment plant, Mr Famelos, Deputy Minister for the Environment and Energy, as well as representatives of local government and solid municipal waste management bodies from across Greece. The event was also attended by Mr Kapetanios, Secretary General for Waste Management, Mr Mantzoufas, Special Secretary for PPPs, Mr Panagiotakis, Chairman and CEO of the Public Power Corporation, and business community representatives.

The Region of Western Macedonia is breaking new ground as the first region in Greece to operate an Integrated Waste Management System (IWMS), starting from the 10th of June 2017, complying with European directives relating to waste management and providing citizens a better quality of life.

The contract for the construction and operation of the 1st Integrated Waste Management System through a PPP was signed on the 10th of June 2015. It provides 2 years for the construction of new infrastructure and 25 years for the operation of new infrastructure and existing transfer stations in the region. The Project contractor is EPADYM S.A.  (a special purpose company incorporated by HELECTOR S.A. and AKTOR CONCESSIONS S.A. to implement the contract), a member of the ELLAKTOR Group. Project construction was assigned to HELECTOR, an ELLAKTOR Group member, specialising in waste management with significant experience in the design, funding, construction and operation of waste management and environmental management projects in general. HELECTOR successfully completed the construction and trial operation of the project on the 9th of June 2017, fully in line with the approved timetable. The Public Power Corporation was a significant ally and supporter of the local government in this challenging project, providing substantial and critical assistance, both before the contract was concluded and during the two-year construction period. Project operation was assigned to EDADYM S.A., a HELECTOR subsidiary.

All attendees at the event commended the Project, the Plant, and the Private Sector Partner. Characteristically, Mr Stathakis commented on the contribution of ‘this extremely reliable company, which took the risk, provided the technology and outlined the terms on which the entire PPP arrangement was carried out, closely monitored by our ministry in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, which was reflected in the contractual terms’. 

About the project

Construction of new infrastructure: Waste Treatment Plant (WTP), Residue Sanitary Landfill, Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP), other auxiliary projects (weigh bridges, washer, workshop, management building, service station, fuel station, chemical laboratory, etc.),  new Waste Transfer Station (WTS) in Kozani

Operation of new infrastructures and 9 existing WTSs in:

  • Eordea, Florina, Kastoria, Grevena, Amynteo, Servia/Velvento, Voio, Deskati, Florina

The object of the IWMS is to receive municipal waste from the municipalities via the Waste Transfer Stations, transfer it to the Waste Treatment Plant, recover recyclables, produce type A compost and lead the rest to the Residue Sanitary Landfill.

The Western Macedonia WTP is located at the Western Macedonia Lignite Centre, and treats all municipal waste produced from the Region of Western Macedonia (maximum capacity: 120 tons per year)

Project financials

Budget:  EUR 48 million; Funds: EIB EUR 12.72 million, Investment Bank of Greece - Western Macedonia Urban Development Fund (Jessica) EUR 12.72 million, own funds of EUR 16.96 million, NBG (VAT) EUR 5.6 million.

Environmental benefits

Rational management of waste is a critical matter with a direct environmental and social impact on modern society, closely linked with public health and quality of life. The Integrated Waste Management System Project in the Region of Western Macedonia will contribute significantly to the improved quality of life of the citizens in the region.

With regard to the environmental performance of the project and the improvement of the environmental footprint associated with waste management, as required by European directives, actions and initiatives, the construction and operation of the plant is in full compliance with applicable European legislation on waste management. Specifically, the following objectives have been achieved:

  • reduction of residue going to landfills to less than 36%
  • diversion of the biodegradable fraction from landfills by over 80%
  • strengthening of recycling, expected to reach 35%
  • production of useful by-products
  • minimisation of carbon dioxide emissions
  • positive environmental footprint

It is worth noting that the optimum environmental footprint is primarily achieved by using of state-of-the-art biological waste treatment technologies, e.g. aerobic treatment, a patent held by the German company HERHOF (a HELECTOR subsidiary), and through a combination of appropriate mechanical sorting technologies designed in-house by HELECTOR. Both the biological treatment and the mechanical sorting technologies are designed for the WTP to enable compatibility with additional special waste streams (e.g. pre-selected organic waste) which are not available at this stage, but are expected to result from the application of measures envisaged in the new national waste management plan (NWMP) and, accordingly, in the regional plan for Western Macedonia.

Benefits for society

More than 150 workers were employed during the construction stage of the project. The120 permanent positions created in the area will ensure that the system operates smoothly for 25 years. Additional benefits are expected for the local community through parallel economic activities to be carried out during project operation, including the trading of recyclable materials, transport projects, etc. HELECTOR’s extensive experience of the construction and operation of Mechanical and Biological Waste Treatment Plants, its expertise in design processes and the cutting-edge equipment used in the Western Macedonia plant all contribute to the technological excellence of this project.