HELECTOR S.A. – member of the ELLAKTOR Group has been certified according to ISO 37001:2016 on Anti-Bribery

HELECTOR S.A., a subsidiary of the ELLAKTOR Group and leader in the field of environment and waste management, taking the messages of developments internationally and responding to the challenges of the times, is also a pioneer in corporate governance and assumes an active role in combating corruption and bribery. Having already adopted since the end of 2016 the Compliance Programme of the ELLAKTOR Group, to which it belongs (, recognises that compliance is a pillar of protection of its reputation and name, as well as a crisis bulwark, and moves forward with a strong desire of the management and its executives to take another big step.

Based on the principles and values with which it is treading over the years, and by respecting the society and the environment, it shapes a new corporate culture of ethics and integrity, by introducing and implementing an integrated anti-corruption management system in accordance with the standard ISO 37001:2016.

After its certification by the Swiss Approval International certification body, a world leader in the field of Technical Inspections and System Certification of Services and Products, with an ever-expanding network of customers throughout the world and with the validity of the Swiss culture HELECTOR is now one of the first companies in Europe to be certified according to ISO 37001:2016 as to the adoption, development and implementation of methodology, corporate processes, reforms and tools that effectively enhance transparency, motivate employees to eliminate objectionable practices and generally set bulwarks to corruption penetration, with the aim of having the company committed to zero tolerance of corruption.

The company's management said: "It is now a belief of both the management and the employees that the formulation and promotion of a new corporate culture, ethics and integrity, which is proved by the introduction of an integrated anti-corruption management system in accordance with the standard ISO 37001:2016, is a natural consequence of our corporate culture and the new strategy which will strengthen even further our business capacity by providing us with a more powerful competitive advantage.It is a matter of principle, not need. For a clean environment, clean energy, clean reputation.".