JUNE 2018

HELECTOR adds Kozani landfill biogas exploitation project (1 MWe) in its portfolio.

HELECTOR through the joint venture HELECTOR - Thalis ES has been awarded the contract for the collection and exploitation of the biogas from the landfill of the Central Integrated Waste Management Installations of Western Macedonia. The installations will be generating  electricity and feed it to the distribution network.

The biogas will be drawn  from the A and B cells of the landfill that was in operation from July 2005 to June 2017 and received about 1,500,000 tons of waste collected from the region of Western Macedonia.

The contractor's obligations include, inter alia, the construction, maintenance and operation of the biogas plant of the landfill (A & B cells), the construction, maintenance and operation of the required biogas collection and transport network and the issuance of all the necessary licenses required by the law for this activity. It is to be noted that the joint venture will also assume all finance costs for the operation.

The contract has a duration of 20 years in which the contractor will also return a percentage from the gross turnover from sales of electricity to the local administration authority.

This contract is added to the existing operations of HELECTOR of biogas exploitation which include the Liosion & Fylis landfill (25MWe) through BEAL SA and the Tagarades landfill (5MWe), while the project for the exploitation of the biogas been emitted from the landfill of Mavrorahis (3.5MWe) has entered its implementation phase and will soon begin production.

In total the installed capacity of the projects of which HELECTOR is participating will soon reach 35MWe.