Gas Bioref

    GASBIOREF – GASification of BIOfuels and REcovered Fuels
    Contract No ENER/FP7/EN249804

    The GAS-BIOREFproject concerns the development of an innovative gasification process for a 50%-50%mixture of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF), derived from mechanical-biological treatment of Municipal SolidWastes (MSW), and biomass, derived from agricultural residues and dedicated energy crops. Thegasification plant (based on fluidized bed technology) will be erected adjacent to a Waste TreatmentFacility (WTF). The optimized operation of both plants will include the full integration of materials, energy and effluent streams.

    In particular, the GAS BIOREF project addresses:

    1. the innovative integration of state-of-the-art technologies (MSW recycling, SRF gasification and fueldrying)
    2. the combined utilization of both secondary fuels (Stabilat≈12.500 tons/year) and biomass producedfrom dedicated energy crops (≈12.500 tons/year) in a novel fuel mixture and its subsequent utilization ina fluidized bed gasification technology, and
    3. theimplementation of appropriate energy recovery technologies to generate electricity(exported to the grid) and heat (to be utilized in an integrated biomass dryer).

    Helector Energy and Environmental Applications S.A. is the coordinator of the project.

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    Gas Bioref