Dry Stabilat ®

      HELECTOR S.A., through its wholly owned German subsidiary company Herhof GmbH, holds a state-of-the-art technology of municipal solid waste treatment Mechanical Biological Treatment (MBT). The process has the following two stages:
      a) biological drying of the municipal solid waste and
      b) highly efficient mechanical sorting of the dry mixture for the production of high quality fuel and recyclable products

      The produced fuel (TrockenStabilat®) is of high calorific value (16-17 MJ/kg, moisture ~12% ww), limited concentration in heavy metals and pollutants that produce dioxins and furans during combustion, low ash content (<15%) and high concentration in renewable materials (biomass > 65%).
      The produced TrockenStabilat® meets the quality criteria set by industrial plants that have high power consumption (i.e. cement, steel or power production plants), while it can be also used as a primary fuel at an independent power production or cogeneration plant.
      Additionally, recyclable products such as ferrous and non – ferrous materials are being recovered and there is also the possibility for glass recovery.

      The produced inert fraction can be disposed at the local landfill since it is free from organic substances.
      The automatic control and adjustment of the crucial parameters related to the production process excludes human interference at all stages. Herhof’s technology is odor-free, while the wastewater treatment and the thermal oxidation of the air emissions guarantee its environmental performance.
      The most important benefits of Herhof’s technology are:
      • the secondary fuel production (TrockenStabilat®) that can be directly used as an alternative fuel at power production facilities on the contrary to other MBT technologies that produce low quality compost suitable only for landfill applications
      • the recovery of high purity recyclable products
      • considerably limited requirements in terms of area availability
      •scale up ability by adding standard bioreactor modules
      • the possibility for simultaneous production of compost from the organic fraction.
      It can been located nearly densely populated areas.