Power Production using landfill gas

      The landfill gas is being produced during the anaerobic decomposition of the organic fraction contained in solid wastes disposed at sanitary landfills. It consists mainly of methane and carbon dioxide, and also contains small quantities of water vapours and other organic and inorganic components (i.e. ammonia, hydrochlorid acid, etc). The presence of methane in high percentages makes it suitable for its use as a fuel in power and / or thermal production plants.

      In order to use landfill gas as a fuel in power production facilities, it is necessary to ensure steady quality as well as steady quantity of gas. Landfill gas is transported to the power plant via an underground network of horizontal and vertical pipes. Before it is used in the power generating equipment it is treated In order to reduce its dust and moisture content.

      HELECTOR S.A. is the first company in Greece that since 2001 constructs and operates landfill gas exploitation plants that are among the largest units in Europe. HELECTOR S.A. possesses the critical know-how related Landfill Gas Collection System cconstruction. This know-how is very essential in achieving maximum recovery of landfill gas on one hand and maximum utilization of the power generation equipment.