Wastewater Treatment

      The latest substantial and proven developments in wastewater technology, as a combination of methods (physical, chemical, biological), are incorporated in the design of each treatment plant, aiming at the optimization of every treatment stages, through the required degree of efficiency as well as the operational flexibility of the systems to future needs.

      The types of wastewater, for which HELECTOR S.A. offers tested solutions ranges from the simple and traditional sewage treatment plants up to the most complex and specialized treatment plants for treating sanitary landfill leachate and other complex industrial effluents.

      During both the design stage of wastewater treatment plants, as well as during the construction stage, particular consideration is given to the flexibility of the systems providing solutions that accommodate unfavorable operational conditions and integrating the experience of our Company from the management and operation of such systems.

      HELECOR S.A. designs, constructs, manages and operates wastewater treatment systems which meet effluent quality standards for discharge of the strongest industrial wastewaters to sensitive water bodies - recipients, while offering the possibility of water recovery and reuse in various applications (irrigation, process water etc.)

      Briefly, applied technologies include the following:

      • Primary treatment of wastewater for the removal of suspended solids and floating matter through the processes of screening, de-gritting, fat-oil removal, primary settling with or without coagulants, dissolved air flotation etc.
      • Secondary treatment aiming at the removal of biodegradable organic carbon and nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus) with biological processes, including aerobic or anaerobic reactors, continuous or sequencing batch reactors (SBR), suspended or attached biomass reactors and specialized membrane biological reactors (MBR).
      • Tertiary treatment mainly for the recovery of high quality water with the application of processes such as filtration for the removal of suspended solids and reverse osmosis and / or evaporation for the removal of dissolved substances from specific wastewater streams.

      HELECTOR S.A. provides integral and proven solutions, for the treatment of vich wastewaters with the required combination of processes that safeguard the environment and minimize by-products.