HELECTOR S.A. is the Waste Management arm of the ELLAKTOR Group. HELECTOR is the leader regarding Waste Management in the area of South Eastern Europe whereas its vertical development and expertise enables the company to provide solutions across the entire spectrum of the field of waste management (i.e. biological treatment , recycling, energy recovery from landfill biogas , leachate treatment plants etc.) and vertical activity (Designer - Manufacturer - Technology Provider - Operator - Investor).

HELECTOR is an undisputed leader in the waste management sector in Greece and Cyprus, while the company is very active in Germany - the country with the strictest environmental criteria – operating a unit in the city of Osnabrueck and constructing waste management units in several German cities.

Through its German subsidiaries - Herhof GmbH and Helector GmbH - HELECTOR is the only Greek company that has cutting edge technology (in-house and patent protected) related to waste management, covering the full range of biological treatment (aerobic treatment - anaerobic digestion). The design of the units is undertaken by the internal design team (in - house engineering), which gives great flexibility providing technological solutions and differentiates it from domestic competition by giving her the unique quality advantage so that it does not depend on third parties.

The constant involvement of HELECTOR with the most innovative tested technologies and the practical application of these technologies, allows the company to maintain its leadership and high specialization required to follow the constantly changing areas of energy technology and environmental protection.

HELECTOR’s brief experience is as follows:

  • Construction of 9 mechanical biological treatment units (with aerobic treatment) out of which 2 (Larnaca & Osnabrueck) in the form of concession
  • Construction of 15 anaerobic digestion units
  • Construction, financing and operation of two energy recovery from landfill biogas facilities totaling the capacity of 30 MWe (note that the unit in Attica is the largest in the world)
  • Construction and operation of the hospital waste incinerator with the capacity of 12,000 tons per year
  • Operation of a mechanical recycling plant (EMA) in Liosia (capacity: 300 thousand tons per year)
  • Construction and operation of three leachate treatment plants in Fili, Liosia and Paphos
  • Construction of the largest landfills in Greece and Cyprus (a total of 20 landfill constructed along with other ancillary works)